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Our World Is On Fire

is a 24-minute oratorio for soloists, choir and orchestra with words by St. Francis of Assisi, Danny Antonelli and Rainer Bartesch.

It will premiere on Saturday 14 November 2020 at 19:00 in the Himmelfahrtskirche, Kidlerstr. 15 in Munich, performed by the Maria-Ward-Choir and singers of the Fridays-for-Future movement under the direction of Thomas Baron.

It carries the cause of the Fridays-for-Future movement into concert halls and provides it with a new, powerful voice.

A film which will add an additional artistic dimension and further enhance the overall effect will be projected during the performance of the oratorio. (This film is not created yet).

To demonstrate the effect of the video, I have created a short simulation of an excerpt from the concert, initially without a video projection, then with one.

Compare the result! 

comparison of just concert music and music plus video on a screen from Rainer Bartesch on Vimeo.

For the creation and production of this professionally crafted video we need a budget of circa 6.500.- EUR.
We tried to raise this money through crowdfunding on the sustainable ecocrowd platform of the German Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Umweltstiftung). We received around 4300.- EUR from 43 supporters.

For the missing budget of 2.200.- EUR we need your help!

Spread the word and come to the concert! Donate if you can!

We can do it together!

You can support the video project by donating to:

Rainer Bartesch
IBAN  DE30  4306 0967 8232 7129 00

or support the video project directly via the donate button.


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